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Are you ready to stop believing lies that make you vulnerable to narcissistic men? (And hear what God's Word

says about the truth?!)

Looking to walk in the freedom by which Jesus Christ has set you free?

My Sister in Christ, then this Narcissistically Speaking Bible Study is just what you NEED!

It would be a blessing to have you join us for the Narcissistically Speaking Online Bible Study!

In this study, I'll walk alongside of you on your journey to receiving biblical instruction and knowledge on a topic not commonly offered in main stream Bible studies.

In this self-paced Bible study we'll spend 20 minutes a day for 5 days, and we'll study (5) faulty beliefs that make you vulnerable to narcissistic men.

Let's do this!

The lies we believe...

Friend, I could talk about this all day *shakes head and sighs*.

I had some deep rooted beliefs that I wholeheartedly felt were true...but it turned out that they were lies. Whether it was lies about my value and worth or me believing that the narcissist loved me despite his mistreatment...the lies I believed became the glue that kept me bound.

The truth that I so desperately needed, I found in God's Word. I realized that God's Word has the power to destroy the lies that we knowingly or unknowingly believe.

So, if you've found yourself believing lies such as:

  • If he proclaims to be a Believer, that means that he is...I get it. We often want to take others at their word, but just because they said it doesn't mean that it's true.
  • Your love can change the narcissist...umm...NOT. Narcissist are not changed by the love they receive, what floats their boat is the amount of emotional pain they afflict on others.
  • If he quickly confesses his love, he must really be into you...I thought so too, but sadly it turned out to be another manipulation tactic of the narcissist.

What if knowing the TRUTH could prevent you from wasting countless years of your life?

Just Imagine:

1) spending the day in peace with your favorite candle lit, enjoying a bubble bath or relaxing on the sofa reading a book, feeling grateful you now know the truth and are no longer being manipulated, walking on eggshells or living in fear of the narcissist.

2) you are surrounded by friends and loved ones who celebrate and support you instead of being exposed to the constant negative criticism of the narcissist and never feeling like you are enough.

3) you are now able to work on that dream and build a better life for you and your children instead of constantly being on that never ending emotional roller coaster designed to prevent you from achieving any accomplishments.

4) you are able to walk in freedom, knowing the truth in 5 key areas that cause Christian Women to be vulnerable to narcissistic men instead of continuing to believe the lies that lay the foundation for your entrapment.

Becoming entangled with a narcissist is easier than most people think...

Hi, I'm Wendy, and I help Christian women walk in freedom from narcissistic abuse

I'm a teacher, published author and domestic violence advocate . I was born into a generation of trauma and narcissistic abuse. I know too well the pain associated with loving someone only to find out the entire relationship was a LIE.

Fortunately, I also know the TRUTH of God's Word and how it has the power to set you free. I want you to know that you are not alone, you are not crazy and you are safe here.

I can help you...

because I was you...

I wholeheartedly support you in

destroying lies that cause you to be vulnerable to

narcissistic men!

The Narcissistically Speaking Bible Study includes:

Here's what you'll get when you join us for our FREE 5-Day Narcissistically Speaking Bible Study:

  • The first day of the Narcissistically Speaking Companion Workbook, in PDF format
  • Bible Study Video Lessons that I walk alongside of you on your journey to receiving biblical instruction and knowledge on a topic not commonly offered in main stream Bible studies!
  • Daily Study Blog Posts to help you go deeper and gain meaningful insights about each day’s scripture focus.
  • Daily encouragement emails for personal accountability and deeper introspection.

*Note: The only thing we don’t provide for free is a copy of the Narcissistically Speaking Companion Workbook! (You may purchase it below.)

How this works:

I've made this easy to follow along and go at your own pace.

After signing up, the welcome email will be sent to you.

Please make sure to read the welcome email I send you! There will be important information in that email about the Bible Study.

You will receive an email from me daily during the 5 days of the study. The email will contain a special link that will take you to the daily video lessons and blog posts.

If you happen to fall behind a day or two there's no need to worry as the lessons will be in your inbox once you get a chance to dive back into the Bible study.

Buy your Companion Workbook:

To get the most out of this study, I recommend you buy the companion workbook we’re using.

For this study, we’ll be using the Narcissistically Speaking Companion Workbook by Wendy Collier, which you can purchase by clicking right here.

Make sure to come with a listening ear as I'm sure the Holy Spirit will partner with you in this teaching.

The Narcissistically Speaking Bible Study walks you through 5 faulty beliefs you may have that contribute to you becoming entrapped in yet "ANOTHER" toxic and narcissistic relationship.

Join us as we study scriptures that correlate with the "hard to swallow" truths that aid in your overall well-being.

Don't waste another minute...'s time to study your Bible and gain more knowledge to walk in freedom from

narcissistic abuse!

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